The PTC - Precise Trigger Control System

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6061- T6 Aluminum

The PTC -Precise Trigger Control – replaces any standardized trigger guard on an AR rifle’s lower receiver. There are some set screws in place and a screw that goes up underneath your grip, removing the extra pre-travel and post-travel of the trigger. This makes a mil-spec trigger really feel like a high-end drop-in trigger that will increase your shooting performance. The PTC -Precise Trigger Control – allows for more accuracy, less margin for trigger movement error, and faster speed.
This ultimate Precise Trigger Control unit will take your competitive and recreational shooting to the next level. Whether it is hog hunting or a three-gun competition – this is a must-have for your AR rifle.

PTC Grip Screw Instructions
1. The internal set screw comes with a thread locker pre-applied but for best results remove the
internal screw and apply an additional thread locker and reinstall the set screw inside the large
screw. Make sure to screw down the internal screw all the way in so that the tip just protrudes.
2. Remove the factory grip screw and lock washer from the grip of your rifle. Mind the spring and
detent for the safety as they may bounce out if you remove the grip completely.
3. With the hammer cocked and the gun on safe, insert the Trigger Adjustment Screw into the
grip and tighten the large screw with a 3/16” hex wrench until the pistol grip is secure.
4. Using a 5/64" hex wrench, finger tighten the internal screw inside the 3/16” screw until the it
stops. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. Back out the internal screw 1/4 turn at a time until the safety
lever can be actuated. Verify that the trigger, disconnector, hammer, and safety function
correctly. Let your additional thread locker dry before putting your rifle to use.